Wessex Transfers has been supplying model makers and vintage toy restorers with their transfer/decal requirements for over 30 years. We specialise in producing waterslide and spirit/gum-fix decals and self adhesive stickers for model railways, buses, cars, trucks, boats etc. Our decals have also been used for classic car restorations, fishing rods, musical instruments, vintage toys and even antique gramophones.

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We pride ourselves on producing top quality decals and services and endeavour to keep up to date with the latest printing technologies to ensure that we are able to offer decals and other products of a superior quality whilst keeping our prices as competetive as possible. With our range of digital printing processes we are able to offer photo quality decals previously impossible to print using the traditional screen printing process.



Even these rather well known chaps have a Wessex Transfers “Fyled Guitars” decal on the necks of their guitars.