It is very difficult to give a ballpark figure for the price of printing custom transfers. There are many variables which can effect the cost. The biggest savings can be made if you are able to provide your own artwork ready to print, but even then there may be some extra work we need to do to make it suitable for printing. Although there is no penalty for the number colours we print, transfers which make excessive use of white or metallic colours may be more expensive due to the cost of the ink. Some artworks may require more than a single pass through the printer in order to achieve the best possible metallic effects and this doubles the print time and consequently increase our charge. A4 size sheets of decals usually cost around $65.00AUD to print, but significant savings can be made on larger print runs, with prices comparable to or even less than screen printed transfers. Any number of colours, including opaque white and multiple metallic colours can be printed at no extra charge so you do not need to compromise on your use of colour, as you do with traditional screen printed transfers.